Nice to meet you. My name is Paul. I'm a developer, IT-Guy, runner and photographer based in Germany.

myself, Paul Stiegele.

About me

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Hey, it's me!
I am from Koblenz, studied in Wuerzburg and currently in Darmstadt. I like to photograph, especially cars and when there is some spare time, I like to go running.


I can work independently and in a structured way, especially working in a team is fun for me and as a marathon runner, I can not complain about too little stamina.

  • Java, JavaFX, JUnit, Android, RCPTT
  • Javascript, Node.js, React, SQL, Joomla
  • Networkarchitecture and management
  • Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure
  • Atlassian Softwaresuite (Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket), GIT
  • MS Windows 7-10, Server, Office 365
  • Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Linux, ROS, Python

My photography


Motorsport consists of perfection. The driver hits the apex exactly, accelerate with the maximum of power but without slippage out of the curve and leaves only a hair's breadth between his outside mirror and the wall. It's not possible to observe this moment with your eyes in detail, but with the help of a camera I can capture that moment for a lifetime.


Is there a place better suitable to feel free than the ocean? Na, absolutly not. Sailing is one of the last adventures where you are really on your own. The journey is the reward, but that doesn't mean your target can't be great. And a sailing regatta? It's like chess, only on water. Try to master it.


If cars and boats aren't fast enough for you, there is another way to feel free: Get away with plane. Our world is so globalized, we are used to takeoff in a scaffolding made of metal and sitting there, 10 kilometers above the ground and watching the newest Bond. That fascinates me.


There is only this one world. Can't imagine there is something similar to this beauty out there. We should care more about it.


The most impressive pictures are these ones, where you feel the pain, the happiness, the strongness or the dissappointment.


Try always something new isn't a bad approach. So there are always new projects I'm currently working on. Look at my Github to get some more insights.

Get in touch

Do not hesitate to write me. Regardless of whether it is a business request, you need a photographer or something else.

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